About Me

Hello, I’m Nicki – and it’s no secret that I absolutely love what I do!

From our first chat, you’ll discover that my biggest motivators in life are caring, conservation and creativity.

These combine beautifully in my work as a TAFE SA qualified and member of the Master Landscapers of SA (MLSA) Landscape Designer (not that it ever feels like work!).

Each day I get to create sustainable and stunning garden designs that are unique as you are. Gorgeous, practical spaces that enrich your life and health, and support your local ecosystem.

I feel so blessed to work right throughout the different regions of Adelaide, because we have so many sub-climates, conditions and aspects to work with.

I love the challenge of getting creative with what’s already on-site, but I also adore starting fresh with a clean slate.

But the journey to become a qualified Landscape Designer was a winding one!

I loved indulging my artistic side throughout my years and Florist, Makeup Artist and Mural Artist, as well as being able to make a difference to others as a mother, volunteer and working in Community Development.

After many years working with disadvantages communities and seeing children experience more trauma that most of us could imagine, I needed to change direction.

I had seen the joy when kids got the play with mud and create tee-pees out of random sticks, and I began to realise more and more that so many kids had no connection to nature.

They weren’t allowed unrestricted, free play in nature at school and they didn’t even have access to it in their own backyards.

So, I just had to help.

I’ve always cared so deeply about conservation. In fact, when I got asked as a kid about what super power I’d love to have – my answer was twofold: bringing plants back to life and fixing the waterways!

I realised that rather than go down the path of studying conservation and tackling these issues on a bureaucratic level, I needed to work where people live.

I realised that could make more of a difference starting at home – designing nature and garden spaces.

I could show parents that even though their backyard is the same size as their car, there are many ways to get outside and interacting with nature. I could show urban dwellers just how easy it is to create a relaxing and peaceful sanctuary. Studying Horticulture Therapy added another level to this and propelled me further.

My other light bulb moment came when I watched the film ‘Project Wild Thing’. If you are up for a night in with popcorn, then I thoroughly suggest watching this movie! It’s so relevant and will continue to be a huge inspiration to me.

Thanks to my time studying to become a qualified Landscape Designer, proudly being a member of the Master Landscapers of SA and every moment I’ve spent over the years working in this field – my inspiration and commitment for what I do has grown and grown!

I absolutely love to put my creativity to work, and am completely dedicated to every project – to use my knowledge of what works & understanding of what your needs are to present with the ideal garden design for you.

It’s so lovely to hear from happy clients and continue to get repeat business.

And there’s no doubt that my work continues to fuel my commitment to conservation.

We need to keep the discussion going and most importantly, spread the word that green spaces and living in natural surrounds is vital for both child and adult alike.

Because quite simply if our kids aren’t out learning to love and take of nature then who will look after it when we are gone?