Here at Nicki King Landscape Design, our passion lies in creating beautiful and sustainable landscapes for humans and wildlife alike.

Right throughout Adelaide & surrounds – we love to create family areas where kids and adults can fall in love with nature again, as well as sanctuaries where you can switch off and relax from the rigours of life.

So, let’s talk about your home.

To understand what you need, love and dream about, to show you how to get the most from your space and help bring your own unique and individual design to fruition.

But we also want to you to know – it’ll be a fun and stress-free experience!

Landscape Design Process

Stage 1 :: Design Meeting

This is where I already start getting excited!

Catching up for an on-site meeting, we’re going to talk about your thoughts, ideas, requirements, budget, time-frames and get your design brief sorted.

But we’re also going to get into what you’d really love and what you’ve dreamt of. Because you’d be surprised how often we can make part or all of it happen!

Then it’s Ideas Board time!

After Stage 1, I’ll come back to you with an “Ideas Board’ that captures everything we discussed, give you some visual examples, as well as the costs involved to continue with the Landscape Design Process

Please note: This stage costs $210 AUD (plus travel costs for location more than 50km from Adelaide’s CBD). You’re under no obligation to continue any further after this consultation.

Stage 2 :: Site Measure & Assessment

If you look at the Ideas Board and quote and say a big ‘Yes Please!”, then back I come to do a full Site Measure & Assessment.

This gets my brain ticking over even more as I take photos galore, and take note of existing features and vantage points. I’ll also list the items that are to remain and what ones (if any) need to be removed.

I’ll also conduct a full site assessment, which includes levels and soil samples. For some sites, a recommended professional surveyor might join me to ensure aspects of the site such as levels and boundaries are precise.

Stage 3 :: Conceptual Landscape Design

Are you like me and love a 3D visual? I feel so happy seeing my clients’ eyes light up when they see this!

After the fun of our initial meeting and site measure, this is where I really get to work. I take great pride in creating a unique design brief for each and every client. A design that reflects and expands upon your individual design brief, and gets the absolute most from your site whilst giving back to the environment.

Your Conceptual Landscape Design will be a 3D walk-through and include a layout of the main landscape areas, features and plants. The scaled plan will include images of proposed conceptual features, materials and surfaces and will enable you to truly visualise your design and how it’s going to feel and function.

Time for the Design Presentation.

When this is ready, we’ll meet up in person again for a Design Presentation. In this meeting, we’ll run through the design and take note of any alterations or additions.

You keep a copy of the prints, and then if there’s any minor changes to make, I’ll amend the plan and provide you with a digital copy via e-mail.

Once you’re happy, I’ll transform your concept plan into the final set of working drawings and 3D renders plus planting & landscape plans.

Ooh, now we’re starting to get closure to you stepping into your new, gorgeous space!

Stage 4 :: Planting Plan

Maybe it’s the nature lover in me, but there’s something about creating each Planting Plan.

I take great care and pride in selecting the right plans for your particular garden landscape space. To ensure they’ll fit in beautifully to your life and enhance your local environment. There’s plenty of knowledge and research involved because at Nicki King Landscape Design, we’re heavily committed to conservation and sustainability.

Your scaled plan of the planting areas will include elevations, plant positions, names and quantities. As well as technical details, I also include the all-important images so you can get to know your plants.

And yes, I’ll also include information on how to water and care for your new plants. Because once your landscape design is in place, we want it to absolutely thrive. This will be sent to you, and the Planting Plan will be sent through to you and your landscaper.

This is another stage that brings a big smile to my client’s faces – and to mine!

Stage 5 :: Landscape Plan

Are you getting exciting now? Because I am! So close now.

The Landscape Plan is what will set the wheels in motion – and very soon you’ll be seeing your very own bespoke landscape design actually come to life!

Whether it’s a family area where you & the kids can fall in love with nature again, or your very own sanctuary where you can switch off and relax from the rigours of life…ahhhh.

But let’s get back to this stage first!

In Stage 5, I prepare a detailed set of working drawings which are sent to you and your chosen landscaper (and remember, I can provide recommendations if you need).

These drawings indicate the hardscape layouts, specified landscaping materials and finishes, quantities, dimensions and heights. Lighting and irrigation plans can be provided if needed and I work with only the best lighting and irrigation specialists in Adelaide.

This step is crucial to ensure those in charge of bringing your design to life can truly execute the design plans.

Stage 6 :: Additional Support

As I’ve mentioned, I can recommend a range of amazing landscapers who be the ones to roll up their sleeves and transform your garden into a stunning and sustainable space.

But rather than leave you to your own devices, I work with others who excel in project management to ensure every element of your gorgeous landscape design comes to life as intended.

Nicki King Landscape Design can visit showrooms with you to hand-select particular elements and work this easily into the landscape design.

And to answer your final question – yes I’d love to see your smiling face, say thank you for choosing to work with Nicki King Landscape Design and say ‘Cheers!’ when your stunning, bespoke design is completely finished!